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Why you should go with ad4mat® Performance Display

Reach out to your exact target group that is relevant for your services and profit from our steadily growing network.

  • Unique reach for e-commerce providers: ad4mat combines quality ad marketer networks, RTB channels and exclusive affiliates within the zanox publisher network
  • Placements in high quality and relevant channels like e-commerce, telecommunications, tech, fashion, finance, travel and many more
  • Performance-based business model with no setup fees
  • ad4mat works in line with international regulations and is a member of EDAA/IAB, youronlinechoices and BVDW

High performance ads

Our dynamic ads blend in with content and reach extremely high Click Trough Rates. And by using multiple targeting technologies we make sure to outreach some of the best CPM campaign metrics.

 Highest click and conversion rates with ad4mat® retargeting

Get back potential customers that already surfed your website and looked at specific services or products without having purchased yet.


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What´s new @ ad4mat


New comparison tables for telco products

Beginning of august ad4mat’s ad4compare comparison tables have been launched in Germany and are now available for publishers in the ad4mat program at zanox.
These self-updating, interactive tables containing tariff data and/or product-offers are currently available for :
read now >


EDAA Trust Seal for ad4mat

ad4mat was awarded yesterday, 19th of May 2014, with the EDAA Trust Seal from independent industry Certification Provider ABC.
Another important evidence for ad4mat, demonstrating its compliance in accordance with the EU Self-Regulatory Programme for Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA). read now >